Enchanted garden tree coloring pages

The mysterious rival of Elaine Malforie in the mortal world. Being the owner of Michiko’s Garden and the guardian of its portal, she grew close to Aya and help her find her way back to Eden. However, her purpose was to use Olivia to transport her back to Eden and usurp the throne as revenge for the doings of the council, who punished her mother Helfora. Her past ego, Bakun, was one of Helfora’s sons and the twin brother of Menandro, making her Aya’s aunt. Bakun evaded the council by transforming into her mother’s image using a fruit from the wicked tree and escaping to the mortal world, she married a Japanese tycoon and learned business. Ruthless yet malevolently powerful, she was cast down by the four Diwanis along with Queen Oleya.