Little jack horner poem coloring pages

Jack Horner’s adventures with his pie have frequently been referenced in humorous and political cartoons on three continents. In an 1862 issue of Punch, Abraham Lincoln pulls the captured New Orleans out of his pie. And in the following century a copy of the Tacoma Times pictured a Japanese Jack pulling a battleship from the Russian pie during the Russo-Japanese war. In other contexts the rhyme was applied to Australian politics in the Melbourne Punch; to a Canadian railway scandal; to income tax relief in Ireland; and to David Lloyd George’s use of his party political fund.
Other humorous uses of the nursery rhyme include a comic variation in Guy Wetmore Carryl’s Mother Goose for Grown Ups (New York, 1900) in which Jack breaks his tooth on a plum stone, and one of Lee G. Kratz’s Humorous Quartets for Men’s Voices (Boston, 1905) in which the pie is stolen by a cat.