Nine tales pokemon coloring pages

Ninetales, is a golden-white nine-tailed fox, based on the kitsune, a Japanese fox spirit. The Kyūbi (九尾), which held similar powers such as shapeshifting, were the main inspiration for the Pokémon. Ninetales’ name was derived from the number of its tails, nine, and the fact that the idea for it came primarily from ancient Japanese tales, although the English name may also be a reference to a kind of whip known as a cat o’ nine tails. This fox-like Pokémon is covered with a thick, luxurious golden-white fur, with a fluffy crest atop its head and a similar ruff around its neck. Ninetales have gleaming red eyes that are said to give them the power of mind control. Its nine different tails hold strange, cosmic powers that let it live for 1000 years. Ninetales are highly intelligent Pokémon that understand human speech. They are very vengeful and have been known to curse those who mistreat them for 1000 years. Many legends surround this Pokémon, one of which states that Ninetales was born when nine saints were united and reincarnated as this Pokémon.